Which Windows 10 CD sleeves should I get?

A new batch of Windows 10 ISO image files are rolling out in India, and if you’ve been itching to get your hands on some, you may want to wait for the official release of those files.

While there’s a lot to digest in the new batch, one of the highlights is that there are some new Windows 10 sleeves.

The company has included the Windows 10 Home and Home Premium editions of the OS as a download for download from the official Windows Store, as well as a Windows 10 USB-C and USB-Tether adapter for those that don’t own a Thunderbolt 3-capable device.

There’s also a Windows Media Player for the latter.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is also available on CD.

The CD sleeves, meanwhile, are a bit of a mixed bag, as they don’t feature any major improvements in terms of hardware, but the company has also included a lot of new hardware features.

The biggest feature is the Windows Defender app, which is able to detect malicious apps on your PC.

If an app is detected, the app will prompt you to install the app, and it will then run a background scan for malware.

The new sleeves also include Windows 10 IoT and Cloud Services, which allow you to connect to cloud services such as Azure IoT and Google Cloud Platform, or install and manage Windows apps and services on Windows 10.

The sleeve also includes the Windows Insider Program for those who haven’t already signed up for the program.

There are also a few new apps, such as the Microsoft HoloLens, which will allow you use HoloLens to make augmented reality apps.