Which slim-fitting socks are best for you?

The socks we wear to work, school and on the road have been the foundation of our lives for centuries, but the same principles of comfort and fit still apply.

And now, a new slim-fit sock line is making the cut, with three new styles: the Flannel-Lace Socks, a slim-cut sock with a lace collar; the Slim Fit Sock, a lightweight, flexible sock with stretchy elastic at the collar; and the Sock of the Future, a sock that’s light, flexible, and flexible enough to be worn under any shirt.

The three new socks come in three different colors: red, green, and black.

Each sock comes with a matching pair of socks that match the colors of the sock.

The socks are made from lightweight cotton or polyester.

The Flannel Socks The Flerns are the latest in a long line of slim-fitted socks that offer some of the best comfort on the market.

The flannel socks are available in two different colors, a light gray and a dark gray.

The red version is also available in red, a soft shade that is perfect for summer.

The Slim Fit socks The Slim Fits are a lighter, flexible alternative to the Flern and have a more flexible collar and a more stretchy fabric.

The material is polyester, which means it can be worn over a variety of fabrics, and the elastic at each collar helps to keep the sock from pulling in your arms when you’re walking or running.

The Sock Of The Future The Socks of the future have a design that is both lighter and flexible, thanks to a stretchy polyester material at the center of the collar and two loops that allow the sock to be pulled around the neck when the wearer is not wearing it.

The slim-tie socks are not available in all three colors, but are available with a soft gray or dark gray collar and stretchy nylon at the top and bottom.

The company says it is launching the slim-fits in a limited number of pairs of socks.

For the first time, National Geographic will be providing exclusive previews of the new slim socks and a sample of the Flens at select retailers throughout the week.

Sock Club and Slim Fit will be participating in the giveaways.

National Geographic also offers free samples for the first year of the Slim Fittings and Slim Clubs.

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