Which players should I keep or trade?

FourFourThree: How much should I spend on players?

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article The following players will be available for trade or hire to either the Mariners or the Pirates, with the Mariners looking to bring back one of them, and the Pirates looking to sign a different player.

In this edition of FourFourtwo, we’re looking at how to spend your money on players and the rest of the fantasy football world.

As the name suggests, we’ll be looking at players for which we feel they should be kept or traded.

For the Mariners, the team has a pair of players in Robinson Cano and James Paxton, who both have good years remaining in their contract years.

Cano has a year left on his contract, but he is only guaranteed $14.5 million, so he is in an excellent situation.

Paxton’s deal is a little more in-line with the rest.

He is a free agent in 2017, so if he can bounce back from the 2014 season, he should be able to do so, as he has a contract option for 2021 that will keep him at the Mariners until 2019.

As for the Pirates who have a pair in Justin Smoak and Ian Happ, the two are not guaranteed contracts, so it is a possibility that they could both be bought out by the Mariners.

Smoak is also in a deal for three years and is a bargain, and Happ is in a contract that expires at the end of the year.

It’s also possible that the Pirates could bring back the two, but if they do, it would be at a price tag that would make the Mariners and Pirates look like the only two teams to keep the two players.

The Mariners should have one of the best outfielders in the game in Russell Martin.

He has a solid batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage, while also playing a solid center field and has shown that he can play shortstop, though he will likely be limited to playing third base for the foreseeable future due to injuries.

The Pirates also have two outfielders who can play either corner outfield or second base, and they also have one who can do both.

The two outfield players are both great at their positions, and could provide the Mariners with a solid option for the future.

The Pirates have two big hitters in Starling Marte and Chris Nelson, who each have four years and $31 million left on their contracts.

Marte is a two-time Gold Glove winner, while Nelson is a four-time All-Star and the last time he won an MVP award.

Both are under contract through 2020, so the Pirates are probably not going to move Marte this offseason, and Marte would be a nice add for the Mariners if he was available.

Martes power is his most reliable offensive component, so a two year deal with Martes would give the Mariners a reliable, well-rounded player at a reasonable price tag.

The best option for a trade to the Mariners would be to take advantage of the lack of options on the Pirates’ roster and bring in another player.

The Mariners have three outfielders on their roster who can all play shortstop and center field, and two players who can both play both corner outfield and second base.

The most versatile player on the roster, though, is Starling Maris, who is a versatile defender and can play both outfield positions.

The Seattle Mariners have two players in the deal for the first time this offseason.

The former two-way star is still in the middle of his prime, and he is currently worth $20 million over the next three seasons.

He will have a contract with the Seattle Mariners until 2021, and if he does not hit his peak with the Pirates this season, it is unlikely that he will be able with a long term deal.

In a trade, he could provide value for the Seattle Sounders in the outfield, as they have a very young outfield, and having two players that are good defensively can help to boost the Sounders chances of winning the Supporters Shield.

The former two way star is also under contract for one more year with the Atlanta Braves.

He would be worth $21 million over three seasons, and would provide a strong addition for the Braves in the corner outfield.

The Braves also have a third outfield player in Lucas Sims who could fill a spot in the Mariners outfield.

Sims is an excellent defender who has shown he can compete at the level he is playing at.

The Atlanta Braves could potentially bring back Sims, as his salary cap hit would be $18 million over four seasons, which would be more than what the Mariners could expect to get for him.

The Atlanta Braves have one player in the agreement for the second time this off-season.

The three-time all-star is under contract with Atlanta through 2021, so they will likely have to make a deal with him, and a deal worth $15 million over five years would be the best deal the Braves could offer. He

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