What’s the difference between a bbs, cd, bts and cd?

Apple’s $10 bbs cd model (pictured) is not available in Australia, but it is expected to be released on November 25th.

The $15 cd model will be available in stores, while the $20 bbs model will hit retail stores starting in November.

Apple’s bbs and cd models will come with the same physical dimensions and physical casing as their more expensive siblings.

Both models will be priced at $9.99.

The company is not yet ready to launch the $40 bbs case, which is rumored to be made by Hitachi.

The bbs models will arrive in November for $15, $30, and $45, respectively.

The CD case, meanwhile, will be launched on November 26th for $25, $50, and even $60.

Apple is currently offering its bbs in gold and silver.

There’s also a $40 model that is only available in black.