What you need to know about the USB Type-C port on the Dell Venue 10 5K laptop, which will make its official debut at Computex?

Dell is finally getting around to releasing a USB Type C port for the Venue.

The Venue’s 5K display will support a DisplayPort 1.2a connection for external displays, and Dell is touting a USB 3.0 port for power, though no pricing or specifications for that have been announced.

The port is the first to appear on the Venus, and the first Type-A to be supported.

The new USB Type A port, which is called the “Port 1,” will allow for future improvements and compatibility with more high-end external displays.

We first reported on the new port back in January, and now we’re finally getting a better look at the new connector.

Dell is using a standard DisplayPort connector for its new Type-Cs, and it looks like this port is compatible with a variety of external displays as well.

We’ve seen a lot of rumors about the port in the past, but the company hasn’t officially released any details.

Here’s a look at how the port works.

Dell uses a standard 1.5-inch Type-B connector for display outputs, and Type-c ports support up to 4K displays.

This connector is not designed to handle more than 4K, though.

Instead, Dell is building this port for use with the Venu 10 5k laptop.

This means it will support displays that can support 4K video, which would include external displays such as a Samsung, LG, or Vizio.

For the most part, the new Type A and Type B ports will be compatible with standard DisplayPorts.

We haven’t seen a concrete price for either of the ports, though, and we won’t be able to get a more complete breakdown until Dell announces the pricing for the new ports in the near future.

We’ll be testing out the new display port on several of our laptops soon, and will update you as we get more information.

If you want to know what else is coming to the Venues in the coming months, head over to the links below for more details.

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