What will be next for gaming?

What will it be next year?

Is the Xbox 360 going to be replaced by the next-gen console?

And will the PlayStation 4 finally have a gaming machine?

These are some of the questions that will be asked by Microsoft’s annual gaming conference, which is taking place in Barcelona, Spain this week.

The conference, held at the same time as the annual Computex, is Microsoft’s big-ticket event for the year, and will feature an array of announcements, including a number of new gaming platforms.

Microsoft will also show off its upcoming HoloLens headset at the conference, but it will be the first time the headset has been shown in a public setting.

Microsoft says that the conference will also feature a number “unprecedented opportunities to get the most out of the HoloLens”.

“This year we’re going to deliver the most amazing experiences on the hardware we’ve made,” said Matt Miller, general manager of the company’s Xbox division.

“The hardware we’re building is the most advanced in the industry.”

The conference is a major opportunity for Microsoft, which has been looking to the future of gaming.

While Microsoft has been in a constant state of development since the Xbox One launched in 2012, the company has also been making a number changes to its software and hardware, including the Xbox Scorpio, which launched last month.

In a statement Microsoft said that the event will also “bring together the leading gaming minds, talent, and ideas from across the industry to discuss the future and the future in gaming”.

While the company is looking to bring the Xbox to more people, it is also looking to make its games more accessible and immersive.

Microsoft has already made significant changes to the Xbox platform, including an Xbox app for streaming video content to the internet, as well as the introduction of new games and entertainment apps.

Microsoft will also present a number games at the event, including The Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Madden NFL 17.

The Xbox One is expected to launch on September 27.