What to know about the Marantz CD player for sale on Amazon

The Marantz brand has been in a slump for years, falling off a cliff during the dotcom crash of 2000, and has been trying to recover from that with a new streaming-TV set-top box.

The company has now announced that the new Marantz DVD player will be the first to ship with Amazon’s streaming-video service, Amazon Prime Video, on March 1.

The new Maradzans will be available in three models, the Maradantz CD-VX500, the CD-X500VX, and the CD+VX400.

All of these models will have a $69.99 price tag, though we expect that the retail price will be closer to $89.99, according to our source.

All models will also have an additional 4GB of internal storage space, along with USB 3.0 port, HDMI output, and an audio jack.

The USB-C ports are also available, though our source says it’s a “low-power” connection.

The DVD player is also IPX8 certified, and Amazon says it has a maximum power consumption of 0.3W.

The Marantz model will be coming in at a $79.99 retail price.