What is a cd wallet?

This subreddit has an excellent discussion thread dedicated to cd wallets.

You can find links to the relevant threads here.

cd-wallet.com/dont-have-an-expensive-wallet-just-cause-you-don’t-need-one article This post covers the basics of a cd-based wallet.

It also has a thread dedicated specifically to this topic.

cd.com – a website that makes CDs cd-music-store.com.com cd-media.com or cd-magazine.com CD-player.com This is a list of all the music stores, CD players, and other accessories for the Sony PlayStation.

cdplayer.net/music-products cd-software.com this is a page dedicated to software for the PlayStation that will make your life easier.

cdx.com-this-is-where-the-internet-is cdxmedia.net or cdxstore.net CD-storage.com the site for storing your CDs in a way that works for you.

cdstorage.net This site also sells CDs.

cdstore.info this is another site dedicated to buying and selling CDs.