What happens to all the files when you delete an ebook?

This ebook is in my hands.

It’s the final version of a book I’ve written for a local newspaper.

It contains some facts about my family and me, but I don’t know much about them.

When I finished writing it, I didn’t know where to put it.

So I asked my publisher, but he refused to send it to me.

The only thing I have left is the manuscript.

But it’s a good book.

I have to tell you that, with all the news that has come out of Israel, it has inspired me to get back to my writing.

But what happens to the files that I have?

When I tell you I am now writing a book about the Holocaust, you might say: “You know, we didn’t do much about it in the Holocaust.

They just buried it.”

This is not true.

The truth is, we did everything we could to prevent the destruction of our country.

We did everything to avoid war and to prevent our people from going to the concentration camps.

We knew the Nazis would try to destroy everything that we had.

We tried to preserve our Jewish identity.

We took refuge in our own homes.

We fought bravely against the Germans.

We risked our lives in the most difficult of circumstances.

The story of the Holocaust is not a story of our destruction, but of our resilience.

I am not trying to say that we were stupid, because it was a lot of people who were stupid.

It was a massive organization of people, all with a very different perspective.

But we had to fight against a very powerful enemy and we had all the time in the world.

We were not a stupid people.

We had to face it.

That is why I believe that the story of Israel is one of the most beautiful and compelling stories of our time.

The Jewish people have a history of fighting for their own interests, but never against the Nazis.

We never lost hope that the Jewish people could live a normal life.

I want to tell the story that the Jews of Israel did.

In 1945, the Nazis invaded the country.

Our country had just experienced the worst of the Second World War.

We lived in a tiny, desperate, and isolated country, and we were fighting a war that we didn.t want.

That was the reason why we had so many of our own fighters, who went on to become the greatest soldiers of our times.

But the Nazis were a different kind of enemy.

They wanted to destroy our people.

They tried to destroy the very life that we lived.

They planned to destroy every part of our people and to erase our history.

In fact, we had nothing to lose.

If we fought brave and fought for our own interests and fought against the enemies of the State of Israel.

We would have won.

But in the end, the war failed and the Jews in Israel were forced to leave.

It took us a long time to recover, but the Jews found our strength and our strength was restored.

We have a great memory of the Jews who came back.

We remember them every day, and it is the greatest blessing for us to know that our people survived.

Now that we are finished with the war, we need to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

Our children will inherit this country from us.

We will have to live in peace, but there will be no war.

We are not going to fight with other countries.

We cannot live in isolation.

We must cooperate and work together with our neighbors, especially the Arab nations, so that we can live in unity.

But as long as there is one state, no country will rule over us.

That’s why it is so important to restore our national pride.

This is our country and we must defend it.

It is our destiny.

And I’m not afraid to tell it to the world that the fight for our country is not over.

We know how to win.

We can fight, but it is not enough.

We need to know how.

So here are the basics: I want the world to know the story and to see it.

I hope that in doing so, the people will respect the Jewish national story and understand that this is a country that fights for its people, for its future.

We fight to defend the Jewish state.

We love our people, but we have to fight for it.

And we will continue to fight because it is our very existence.

We may lose this war, but for all of us, it is a battle worth waging.

The Israeli people are the most resilient people on earth.

We’ve been through hell and high water, but in the name of our homeland, we have been through it all.

Thank you, for being with us.

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