The Israelis want a ceasefire in Gaza

The Israeli army is sending its soldiers into the besieged Gaza Strip to secure the ceasefire agreement and is hoping for an eventual truce that would allow for humanitarian aid to reach people in need, an Israeli army spokesperson said.

“The Israeli army’s forces are working with the United Nations Security Council, the United States, Turkey and the United Kingdom to secure a ceasefire agreement,” Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner said.

The IDF has deployed hundreds of soldiers in the Gaza Strip since the Israeli military launched its offensive in Gaza on August 7, targeting militant groups that Hamas has called a terrorist organization.

A military spokesperson said that the IDF has already sent troops to the border with Egypt, and that the military is preparing to deploy troops in the Sinai Peninsula and southern Israel as well.

The military has been intensifying its operations in Gaza since the military’s offensive began, with thousands of troops, tanks and artillery.

Hamas, which controls Gaza, has been fighting Israel since the 2007 disengagement agreement, which brokered a truce between Israel and the Palestinians in the West Bank.

Houses and schools in the southern Gaza Strip have been heavily damaged by Israeli airstrikes, and at least one house and several businesses have been destroyed.

Homes and other buildings in the north, where the Gaza economy is based, have also been severely damaged.

The Israeli military has warned that the next phase of the operation is likely to begin later this week.

The current cease-fire deal expires in 2019, and Israel’s new military commander, Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, said on Monday that he was ready to extend the deal until then.

Hizbullah and other militant groups in Gaza have been seeking a truce for several years, but Israel has been unable to agree on how to implement it.

Israel and Hamas have been at odds over the terms of the cease-Fire, and both sides are eager to extend it, with Israel pushing for a new ceasefire and Hizbulla calling for an end to Israel’s military occupation of the territory.

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