The best movies for the PlayStation 4 console

The PlayStation 4 is set to hit stores on December 18, and with a few exceptions, the console is likely to be a hit.

Sony is planning to sell around 400,000 PS4s in the US, and analysts expect the system to sell for around $500 when it launches.

The consoles hardware and software specs are impressive, but it’s the games that are most exciting.

The PlayStation Vita, as its called, is the next generation of the PS4.

It comes with a 1080p display, a battery life of about two hours, and the ability to run the full version of the PlayStation 3 games.

It will have two storage slots, which will allow for both SD and internal storage cards.

You’ll also be able to expand your Vita’s storage with microSD cards, and it’s designed to run in a low-power mode to save power.

The console is expected to have an internal processor and an AMD Radeon RX 460 GPU, and there are rumours that it could support 4K video.

The PS4 will also have a microSD card slot, and a built-in mic that can be used for voice chat.

You can also buy a second USB Type-C port to allow you to transfer files between your PS4 and another USB device.

The gamepad will also be a new addition to the system, with a DualShock 4 controller that’s a cross between a gamepad and a traditional controller.

However, the PlayStation Pro and Xbox Scorpio are the only two console systems that can play 1080p games.

We’ve already played Destiny, which is set in the same universe as the PlayStation Vita game.

The main difference is that Destiny will not be available on the PS Vita at launch.

We don’t have the full details about the PS 4’s console, but we do know that the PS Plus subscription plan will offer access to PS Plus titles for the first two months after launch.

This subscription will also include online play.

For now, you’ll need to buy a separate PlayStation Plus subscription for Destiny.

Sony will also release a PS4 bundle on December 14, with the first bundle coming in February.

The other bundle is expected in March, but this time it will include the PS5.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can also get the PS Vue service that allows them to stream movies, TV shows and games for $20 per month.

The subscription also includes a free PS Camera that will work with the PlayStation Camera app.

The price of the bundle varies by country, and in Australia, the PSVue subscription costs $20.

Sony isn’t the only company planning to launch PlayStation Vue with the PS system.

Dish Network announced a PS Vues service that is currently available for $60 per month and comes with access to all the channels that Dish subscribers are currently subscribed to.

Netflix is also considering offering a PSVues subscription.

All the games are going to be available in 1080p resolution, so you’ll want to have a PS3 or PlayStation 4 with you.

The games are also coming in 1080i, which means they’ll look much better than the PS3s resolution.

There’s also a 1080i Blu-ray option that is also coming to the PS games.

If you already own an PS4, you can buy an upgrade for $99, which includes access to 1080p content, a free controller, and more.

There will also also be the ability for the PS VR to be played on the system.

PlayStation VR is going to cost $600, and is the only VR system available for purchase at launch, but the company is promising that the system will work on PS4’s.

There is no release date for the system yet, but there will be a bundle on the way.

The best games for the new PlayStation 4 will be available for a price of $499.