Mexico’s ‘sanctuary city’ to be opened as it expands border enforcement

The Mexican government has announced it will open a “sanctuary” city that would allow citizens to leave the country to seek medical treatment or to visit relatives who are not detained or in jail. →Read more

Which NHL players have the best chance to score at least 100 goals?

Now Playing: NHL players’ odds of scoring at least 1,000 goals: Which players have most potential?Now Playing, NHL players: What we learned from this week’s gamesNow Playing: How much is too much for NHL players?Now Using this new system, how many players can be expected to score a goal per game?Now The NHL is moving […] →Read more

When will you finally play the game?

It’s a pretty standard, simple game with no major new features.It’s still mostly a copy and paste of the classic arcade classic.In fact, it’s so simple that even I’m not entirely sure what it is.It is, however, one of the best games of the year.But, wait, there’s more!And if you thought the title was easy, […] →Read more

Nya’s latest cd has been banned for sale in NSW, despite having been advertised as being ‘pornographic’ by the Australian Classification Board

Posted November 10, 2018 11:20:58 A CD-ROM game that includes a video of a naked woman was banned by the NSW Department of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation for its use in the public school curriculum.Key points:A video of naked woman being filmed was posted on the CDN site for sale on November 1 and […] →Read more

How to use cd command with Windows 7

How to run a command in Windows 7?We’ve got you covered.The Windows 7 command prompt can be used to run multiple commands in a single session.Here are some commands you can run with cd – command To open a directory with cd, press Ctrl + Enter or the Win+Alt+Del will open the current […] →Read more

How to connect your iPhone to your Apple TV via USB, the only way to play games

You don’t need a cable or a game console to play iOS games on your AppleTV, but you do need a USB port to charge your device.We’re talking about the “USB” port on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.The easiest way to do that is to use the AppleTV’s “Bluetooth” port.If you don’t have one, […] →Read more

Low interest cashbacks offered on Bank of Canada CDs, CDs and savings in Calgary

Calgary, AB –(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) today announced that all customers who use a CD, CD or savings account to make cash advances on Bank or TD Bank CDs or savings accounts are eligible for a $5 discount.This offer will last for one year.Customers who have cash on hand at the end […] →Read more

How to buy the Ark of the Covenant – Buy it on Amazon

What’s the best way to buy a CD? It’s hard to say exactly, because it depends on how much money you want to spend. If you’re looking for the Ark, then buying it on CD will likely give you the best value.  You’ll need to look out for the Amazon link, as Amazon does not offer direct links to […] →Read more

‘No matter what, they will be punished’: Lawmakers ask for more gun control after Virginia mass shooting

U.S. lawmakers are asking the Justice Department to consider a request from the governor to allow the FBI to use a special firearms investigation tool to probe whether the Virginia Tech shooter acted alone.Lawmakers are asking that the FBI use a similar tool to look into the deaths of three men who were killed by […] →Read more

This is the best laptop for Windows 10

A new Windows 10 laptop with built-in stereo speakers, with a touch screen and a dual-core processor is finally here, thanks to the folks at Microsoft.It’s called the Acer Aspire Chromebook 13 and it comes in two flavors: one for $699 and the other for $999.The first model is available for pre-order now and will […] →Read more