Nya’s latest cd has been banned for sale in NSW, despite having been advertised as being ‘pornographic’ by the Australian Classification Board

Posted November 10, 2018 11:20:58 A CD-ROM game that includes a video of a naked woman was banned by the NSW Department of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation for its use in the public school curriculum.

Key points:A video of naked woman being filmed was posted on the CDN site for sale on November 1 and was advertised on the NSW government’s CDN website as being pornography.

The CDN is the official domain for NSW government.

It had been advertised on CDN for $1.99 but was quickly removed after a complaint.

The game, titled Nya, was advertised for sale as a pornographic game.

The Department of education, science, technology and innovation said it had reviewed the material and found it did not violate the NSW Education (Prevention, Mitigation and Resilience) Act.

“This material is categorised as a ‘porno’ subject matter.”CDN is a central place where people can create, download and share content,” the department said in a statement.”

The content is available to download and may contain material that is harmful to minors, particularly for those aged under 12 years.

“A spokesperson for the Department of Information and Communications Technology said the CDNP was an “external site”.”

This is not the official NSW domain of the Department,” the spokesperson said.”

Our Domain Administrator has reviewed the content and determined it does not violate any relevant laws.”CDNP’s domain administrator, Daniel Smith, said the department was investigating the incident and it would not be making any further comments.”

We are looking into this issue and taking appropriate actions,” he said.