How to write an ad for the next presidential election

The most popular ads of the 2016 election cycle were almost entirely negative.

That means, if you are an ad-maker, you have to think of the ads as a series of negative ads that are aimed at your target audience.

Here are three ways to make an ad that will make your campaign stand out.


Make the ad a parody.

If you are going to make a negative ad, you must take a stand against what you are doing.

You cannot have your ad be the first to use the word “crap” in it, or use a parody of an ad.

This can be a great way to make your ad stand out and you will be able to use your own brand without getting a backlash from your target customers.

It’s best to do this early in the campaign, when the election is already very close.

This will make it less likely that your ad will be a hit in the general election, which is where most of the negative ads will be seen.


Make it a “waste of time” type of ad.

Make an ad with the word waste or wastefulness.

This ad will probably go viral and your target market will be really interested in your product or service.

This type of advertisement will only be seen by your targeted audience, which will help to create an aura around your product.


Use a parody campaign.

If your ad doesn’t have the same type of marketing that your opponent’s ad has, you can take a step back and say, “Wow, I guess I could do better.”

Make an entire ad that is like a parody, and your ads will resonate with your target audiences.

Your ads will stand out from your opponent, making them think twice about voting for you.

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