How to use the ira tool to install the Ubuntu 12.10 beta 1 update

Ubuntu 12, the latest version of the popular Linux distribution, is now available for download, according to a blog post from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

The Ubuntu Software Center said on Friday that users who have already downloaded the update should check out the Ubuntu 11.10 Beta for beta testers.

“After you download and install the 12.04 Beta, we will send you a message on your email with instructions on how to install and use the new Ubuntu 12 Beta, and you can continue using your existing installation,” the software centre wrote.

The new release is now rolling out to users of Ubuntu 12 on the latest versions of Ubuntu and the Linux Mint operating system.

Ubuntu 12.09 is available for pre-order on the Ubuntu store and Amazon for $49.99 US.

Ubota 12.08 is also available for $79.99, and Ubuntu 12 is available on Amazon for an extra $50.

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