How to stop Bible reading at your child’s school

The American Bible Society is asking parents to read a new set of lessons that teach children the Bible in a way that can keep them from falling into the temptation of Bible reading.

The new book is “How to Read the Bible” and is being published by the Society of Biblical Literature.

The goal is to “encourage students to read the Bible by providing them with a balanced, practical and fun lesson to help them understand the meaning of the Bible,” the Society said in a statement.

The book is available for free download at the Society’s website.

The Society of Bible Teachers is also hosting a free lesson on Bible reading in July.

It’s a free book for students ages 5 to 8 and is a response to the increasing number of American children and teens being exposed to Bible reading on television, the Society added.

It is being released on the Society website by the same publisher that publishes “How the Bible Became a Cultural Icon” by Mark Twain.

It will be the third book the Society has released, after “How The Bible Became an Icon” and “How Jesus Became God.”

“The ‘How the World Became a Bible Reader’ book will help educate our youth and give them a balanced and fun reading experience while engaging them in a fun and challenging activity,” the publishers said.

The “How Bible Became” book is written by the Bible Society’s executive director, Bethany Coyle, and the “How God Became God” book was written by her husband, Matthew Coyle.

Both books are being released in July by the American Bible Association, the publishers’ parent organization.

The books are not intended to replace Bible study or teach Bible principles, according to the Society.

Instead, they are intended to teach children about the Bible’s history and meaning.

The lesson book also includes an essay on the Bible and answers questions from readers.

“Our goal is not to teach kids how to read books but to give them the tools to use those tools and teach them to read their own books,” said the publisher, the American Baptist Press.

“This book will give parents the confidence to read, read and listen to their kids and help them develop a solid Bible reading background.”

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