How to spot a CD nail from $9.95 to $1,499


— For the first time in the history of the world’s largest independent record label, the biggest name in music has been added to its roster of artists: Jumbo cd.

Nails, the self-titled, self-released album from local artist Dinesh D’Souza, is the first to feature the artist, who has a long-running feud with President Donald Trump.

The album, which is set for release Jan. 26, is one of the biggest singles on the album charts and the first of several to hit the top spot.

Jumbo’s co-founder, Matt Smith, was the first musician to debut on the Billboard charts and became a household name in the music industry.

D’Soufas album is a departure from his previous albums, which have been primarily about his political and social commentary, and has drawn comparisons to the work of such artists as R. Kelly and The Roots.

The record has sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide, according to Nielsen Music.

The artist, a self-described “white supremacist,” has been under fire for months over his past statements about his support of President Donald J. Trump and his stance on immigration.

He has also received criticism for his comments about his fellow artists.

The music label’s president, Dineshar D’Suza, said in a statement that the album was “a powerful and personal statement about our beliefs as Americans.

It reflects the values of the brand and the creative team.”

Jumbo’s announcement came a day after Trump, in an interview with Fox News, said he would be releasing the record in a week.

D’Salta, a native of Jamaica, New York, and the son of Jamaican immigrants, released his debut album, In the Valley of Dreams, in 2010.

Datesh D.D.

Souzza was born in Jamaica in 1986.

He was educated in the U.S. and was studying business and business administration at the University of Miami before starting his own label, Jumbo, in 2015.

He says his label is about being able to “be honest with ourselves and each other about who we are.”

He says he has no regrets and has “done what I felt was right for me.”

In the Valley, D’Saubas music was influenced by his father, an activist and former member of the Jamaican Independence Party, who was imprisoned by the U:C.O. for organizing anti-colonial protests in the 1980s.

The U.C.I.P. leader, an outspoken critic of the government, was arrested and sentenced to life in prison in 1989.

Dinesh’s father, D. D. Soussa, was a founding member of Jamaica’s anti-apartheid struggle.

He served as the chairman of the United National Movement and later became president of the Caribbean National Congress, an organization dedicated to ending racism.

Detsouza is a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, and a frequent guest on MSNBC and CNN, where he’s also a contributor.

The label’s cofounder, Delshawn D’Angelo, said that the label “is not just a political project, it’s also about being honest about the experiences of African Americans and how we can be allies with them.”

The album includes music by local artists and has been distributed on cassette by the Jumbo imprint.

It has sold well, with more than 75,000 CDs and 1.4 million downloads.