How to Make an Apple Watch Stand (or any wearable) Stand Up

A DIY Apple Watch stand is a great way to add some pop to your living room, but there’s no denying the fact that the iPhone 7 Plus looks gorgeous in a glass case.

It’s an elegant solution that is easy to build, and even more elegant when it comes to using the watch as a stand.

DIY Apple watch stand (or anything else) Source Mashable article You don’t need to be a professional, or even have a specific design idea in mind, to take a piece of glass and make something that will stand up and look awesome.

The process is relatively simple.

You just need to cut the case off the phone and bend it to a position that fits your desk or a table.

Follow these simple steps to make your own Apple Watch display stand.


Cut out the case, and then cut out a small hole in the side.


Cut a piece that will be the back of the stand, and bend the phone over that to fit your desk.


Bend the sides of the phone so that it will sit in the case.


Bend a piece at the top of the case that will hold the watch face.


Bend that piece to fit the watch.

You can even add a piece on the side to create a “window” for the watch to be displayed.


Once you have everything cut out, use your drill to drill a hole for the display stand itself.


Once everything is assembled, you can attach the display to the case by bending the top to create an opening that allows the display into the back.


Watch your stand stand up!

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