How Suntrust plans to get you to buy more CD-Romas

What is the future of the CD-ROM storage format?

That’s the question that came to mind when I heard that SunTrust was considering adding a new, higher-capacity CD-rom to its existing portfolio of storage devices.

SunTrust, one of the largest CD-R manufacturer in the United States, is currently the largest provider of CD-Rs, and its CD-RW drive has proven to be a popular consumer-grade storage option for many years.

Now the company is planning to introduce a new high-capacity disk that would replace its older CD-RAM drive, the SunTrust CD-3.

The new disk, which will be called SunTrust HD, will have an internal capacity of up to 250 gigabytes and will be priced at $199.

It will be available as a single-drive unit, which means you can use a new SunTrust HDD or a separate HDD for up to 10,000 discs, and it will have a standard storage capacity of 4,096 terabytes.

This new storage will not be compatible with the current SunTrust Drive, which has a standard capacity of 2,073 terabytes, and is now available at the same price.

The new storage should work well on any modern computer, including desktop PCs and laptops, and SunTrust expects it to be the fastest, most reliable and most versatile storage option available.

SunTrust HD will replace the current standard-capacity SunTrust 3.2TB SunTrust drive, which the company launched in 2007.

It was originally launched with a 128GB capacity, but SunTrust now plans to offer a 256GB capacity with a $200 price tag.

The price is $199 for the 256GB model, $249 for the 128GB model and $299 for the 512GB model.

Suntrust HD will be sold as a drive in two capacities: a single drive for up the storage capacity up to 100,000 disks, and a larger drive for 200,000 or more disks.

It is a bit like a Blu-ray player with a DVD drive, but it does not have the DVD-R functionality.

The company says that the new HD drives will be more durable than its current 3.0TB Suntrust 3.5TB disk drive, and that they will last for several years with normal use.

SunVision, the company that sells the CDROM drive for SunTrust is also expected to introduce the HD drive in the near future.

This drive will be in a variety of capacities, and will come in two different models, the Standard HD and High-capacity HD, which have capacities of up for 200TB and 500TB, respectively.

The Standard HD drive is priced at about $229 for the 1TB model, and the High-compact HD is priced around $199, while the Standard and High HD will have the same capacity.

Sunvision says that this new HD drive will work well with any modern PC or laptop, including desktops and laptops.

SunVision says that its HD drives are much more durable and less prone to failure, but that they do not support Blu-rays, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs.

The SunVision HD drive looks like a thin metal disc with an opening at the top that holds a metal plate.

The plate on the top is covered with a thin, tapered rubber cover, and at the bottom of the disk is a thin plastic case.

There is no way to put a disc into the disk drive through the lid, and there is no mechanical mechanism that holds the lid closed.

There are no mechanical mechanisms that hold the disk in place.

The CD-RO is also a thin film-like material that is used to keep the CD in a case and protect it from dust.

The standard CD-Ram has an internal disc capacity of 1.3 terabyte, while SunTrust’s current SunTronics CD-7 drive has an internally capacity of 3.3TB.

Both of these drives have been used for more than 40 years.

SunTones CDs can be used with most Windows operating systems, and they can be purchased as standalone disk drives, with or without the SunVision HDD.

The SunVision drive is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.8 and Mac OS 10.6, as well as with all of the Apple operating systems.

It has been tested to work on Windows Vista and Windows 7 with a 256MB hard drive, a 128MB hard disk and a 2GB SSD.

The company says its HD storage technology, SunVision High Capacity HD, is more durable, more secure and offers the highest performance and reliability.

SunTVision High-Capacity HD is a disk drive that has a capacity of 6,072 terabytes and an internal storage capacity equal to 100 terabytes for up 1.5 years.

It comes in two sizes: 1TB for up