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Barclays says its CD rates and cd aux prices are set to rise this year as the global economy strengthens.

It said in a statement: “In order to ensure a balanced financial and operating environment for customers, we have adjusted the rates we charge our customers and the volumes of our sales to reflect the level of demand we expect in the current economic environment.”

The bank’s rates are set in a range of 10 per cent to 20 per cent.

The statement did not reveal when it expected to increase the price of CDs.

Last month, the bank said it would reduce the minimum payment for CDs from £1,000 to £500.

A Barclays spokesman said: “The global economy has strengthened, and as a result of that, we are now forecasting that demand for CDs will continue to rise and we expect the volume of CDs to continue to increase.”

Barclays said the rise in CDs was driven by the “strong demand” for music CDs, including online streaming services and digital downloads.

The bank said its CD rate and cd price increases are “subject to a range” of factors, including the current global economic environment.