Banks warn of possible cyberattack amid bank hack

AT&T is warning of a possible cyber-attack that could cause a loss of access to its computer networks and a possible theft of information from AT&amps;T customer accounts.

The threat is contained in a document called “Crisis Response Plan.”

It warns of a cyber-security breach, data theft, or unauthorized access to customer information that could compromise the integrity of data stored on its network.

AT&ltds Cybersecurity Incident Response Team issued the alert on Thursday and said it was issued in response to a potential cyber-attacks against its network and that the information could be accessed through the company’s online banking services.AT&ampltds Emergency Response Team has the authority to respond to any potential threats against AT>s network, its financial system, or any information stored on or connected to the network, it said in the document.

The alert comes amid heightened concerns about the security of AT&cts data centers, where the company has its data centers.

The company has been under scrutiny since a cybersecurity breach last year revealed the personal details of more than 100 million customers.

Last year, AT&at revealed a $100 million cyber-crime investigation after it emerged that hackers had stolen credit card numbers, account information, and other sensitive information.

The cybersecurity threat has become a national priority for AT&att, and President Donald Trump recently appointed former AT&mds Chief Information Officer John M. Dunford as the countrys chief cybersecurity officer.

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