Aussie man convicted of murder in Perth after allegedly killing two women

Posted June 14, 2018 08:51:57 A 24-year-old Australian man has been found guilty of murdering two women in Perth, a case that drew international attention.

A jury at Perth Magistrates Court heard that on December 5, 2017, a 22-year and 49-year old woman were killed in their home in the city’s North Shore.

One of the women, a former student at Western Sydney University, had gone out for a walk with her boyfriend when she was stabbed three times.

They were discovered by neighbours and police the next day.

A forensic team said they were unable to identify the victim’s body due to the nature of her injuries.

The case sparked worldwide outrage and prompted a manhunt, with police searching for him at all hours of the night and using a helicopter to search the North Shore, in Western Sydney’s north.

They later found the bodies of the woman and her boyfriend in a shed in North Shore at around 7.45am.

The man was arrested in Sydney, but was later extradited to Perth, where he was convicted of the killings on December 10.


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