All Rates are Current on Monday September 28th 2018

rate is now 10% rate is currently 1.4% rate was 0.3% rate will be 1% rate may rise to 1.3%-1.5% rate on Monday, September 28 at 10:00pm GMT, 1:00am EDT and 11:00 am PST.This will remain in effect until the next rate change on Tuesday, September 29 at 8:00 pm GMT, 11:30 am EDT and […] →Read more

What’s the deal with the fender-cd 60s ce 60s?

I am a big fan of the CD60SCE 60s CD player cleaner, and I wanted to see what else it could do to make the CD 60s feel even more like the CD 30s.So I went ahead and bought a new one and put it through its paces.First up, I went to the factory to […] →Read more

Which Bank Rates You Should Be Paying?

If you’re a fan of watching video on your mobile device, you’ve probably noticed the increasing trend towards mobile streaming and the popularity of streaming-only apps.These apps have the ability to stream a variety of video content from streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu Plus.Unfortunately, there are also a number […] →Read more

Why I Like the New York Times

A lot of people are probably wondering why the New England Patriots are playing in the Meadowlands.It’s a huge football town, right?Sure, New England has plenty of NFL teams, but most people are familiar with the Patriots.That’s because New England’s teams are known for being the best at everything, from their football to their sports […] →Read more

The Republican nominee for president wants to ‘bring back slavery’

By TOM SCHOES, AP Democratic nominee for President Mike Pence has proposed a constitutional amendment that would reverse a landmark Supreme Court ruling legalizing slavery, and he is calling for the restoration of slavery.He made the comments at a debate in North Carolina Sunday, after he announced his running mate, Sen. Tim Scott, as his […] →Read more

How to write an ad for the next presidential election

The most popular ads of the 2016 election cycle were almost entirely negative.That means, if you are an ad-maker, you have to think of the ads as a series of negative ads that are aimed at your target audience.Here are three ways to make an ad that will make your campaign stand out.1.Make the ad […] →Read more

How to download new software for your desktop PC without losing your files

By now you probably have a couple of PCs and have probably downloaded a few programs.You might have installed a program that is now installed on one of those PCs.Some of those programs you might not even want to run anymore because of the new security patches.But one program that you may not have installed […] →Read more

The best movies for the PlayStation 4 console

The PlayStation 4 is set to hit stores on December 18, and with a few exceptions, the console is likely to be a hit.Sony is planning to sell around 400,000 PS4s in the US, and analysts expect the system to sell for around $500 when it launches.The consoles hardware and software specs are impressive, but […] →Read more

How to save money on your mortgage with Chase CD rates

Chase CDs are a great option for anyone who needs to save for a down payment, and are very affordable.They can be used to pay off a mortgage, as well as a downpayment on a home you may be looking to sell.However, there are some things to keep in mind if you’re looking to make […] →Read more