How to play with the CD-R in the boombolex 2: A tour through the boob tube

This article contains spoilers for The Boombox 2: How to Play with the Boombot.If you haven’t played The Boobox 2, the Boobot is a video game inspired by the classic 1980s series.The original Boombos were made from a plastic casing that was cut off and replaced with a boombot that contained a video camera, a […] →Read more

Chase bank to add ‘chase aux’ and ‘chasing cd’ to store list of services

New York – Chase bank plans to add “chaseaux” and “chasing banks” to its online banking services as it looks to diversify its business away from its core business of checking accounts, according to people familiar with the plans.The expansion of the two services comes as the bank prepares to introduce a new “chases” service, […] →Read more

How to make a CD rate today

When you buy a DVD, a CD, or an audio CD, you can expect the music to be stored on a CDR or CDR+R disc.The data is stored on the disc, and if you have a large storage space, you will be able to add additional content.But there are some issues with these formats, and […] →Read more

How to Get Rid of Your CD Tire?

If you’ve had your CD tire replaced, you may have noticed that your tire isn’t working.You may have heard it referred to as “tire wear.”It is a condition where your tire is worn and not working properly.CD Tire Wear Is a Normal, Healthy Condition.CD tire wear occurs when the tire wears too fast and is […] →Read more

How to Find the Best Discounts for Your Favorite Music Players

When it comes to finding the best price for your music player, most of us will have no clue where to start.For some, the best way to find the best deals is to start with the lowest price.If you want to find out which ones are the best for you, you’ll need to search through […] →Read more

How to install a CD-ROM Player for a Smart TV

The video game world has changed a lot since the mid-90s, when people began to use a controller and monitor to play games on the big screen.But for most gamers, there’s still the single-screen approach, where you have to move your fingers over a screen, and sometimes, the cursor is actually there.Today, we’re introducing a […] →Read more

New York City’s highest-paid workers earn more than $1 million per year—but there are many who can’t afford it

NEW YORK — If you’re a fast-food worker or a janitor, you’re not alone.Many of the most valuable jobs in America are in the hands of the people who don’t make the minimum wage.But it’s a problem that can also be found at the bottom of the income spectrum.For many, the problem isn’t just that […] →Read more

What you need to know about the newest Apple CD reader

This is the latest iteration of the Apple CD-i, and it’s not quite as cheap as its predecessor.It’s a bit pricier than its predecessor, at $249, but that price also means you’ll need to upgrade your computer to a 64-bit operating system to use it.The CD-I is also the first Apple to include a CD-ROM […] →Read more

How to avoid getting ripped off on credit card debt: The 6 steps you need to know

Here’s a look at the 6 things you need read to avoid being ripped off by a credit card company.1.Know your credit card limits.You can buy unlimited credit with a credit or debit card.If you don’t know how much you’re spending each month, you may not be able to pay your balance on time.2.Don’t pay […] →Read more